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Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
Lotta misconceptions in this thread. I'll start with this one: The Gun legislation that went into effect July 1 was not promoted by the Boulder rep, but the Aurora rep. (Who interestingly has a criminal record.)
Here we go. Blame the Aurora guy...Who might this criminal rep be that you speak of and what crime were they charged with? Oh what's that governor guy's name again who signed that bill into Law? Don't suppose he had anything to do with it?

Also, I do want to clarify the idea that Colorado doesn't have enough water.

There is a fairly accurate estimate of 13,200,000 acre feet of water in our watershed. The problem was when the Colorado River Compact was agreed to in the early 1900's they didn't have an accurate way to measure the water and estimated it 16,400,000. Via this agreement Colorado is forced to send water to states it simply doesn't have.

Bottom line is there is 13.2 +/- Million acre feet of water in Colorado. There could be 20 Million and people would still be fighting one another over it. I own several water rights my self and I can assure you there is plenty of water in the state of Colorado. The problem lies with the amount of other states/people that want it.

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