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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Hey Knoxville ... it's a Volunteer-kind of Broncos lately, huh? Damn sight better than the Gator-kind ...

Are you one of the Vols fans who felt Malik was an upgrade over Ayers? I saw the topic in a Vols forum, consensus was they liked Jackson better.
Well I think we liked him more for his all around personality. It is hard to get into it butvwe had a very ****ty team with terrible personalities and he was one of the few bright spots.

Great character, very respectful, worked his hardest, never complained.l, etc... he really is a stand up guy. In terms of pure talent it was really hard to evaluate him. He came here to play DE and got put at DT bc we had almost no one. He didn'nt complaine, he just came and played. He was really good but I don't think his stats ever matxhed Ayer's senior year.

The problem with Ayer's was he was a one year guy. One of my friends, who Ivplayed with growng up, played with him at UT and apprently he was just incredibly lazy until his senior year.

Malik was a breath if fresh air in a pungent era of UT football. I really feel for him he had to play with Tyler Bray and Da'rick Rodgers, who actually gave up in the last game because they'd rathervnot play n a bad bowl than go to one.

Anyways... i am drunkvso this may not makevany sense.

Tldr; Jackson is a high charachter, highly motivated guy.
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