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Darren McKee ‏@dmac1043 13m Not a bold prediction but an early stretch. Will Quentin jammer make this team. I'm not so sure. My man Klis also speculates tamme.

Darren McKee ‏@dmac1043 3h “@rtgeorgia: @MaseDenver @dmac1043 @bylindsayhjones how does knighton look?”actually really good! Big ass

Darren McKee ‏@dmac1043 3h “@joeuncool: @dmac1043 see anything with @Sylwil92 ?”nothing special. Pretty early

Darren McKee ‏@dmac1043 9h Guys that are very good but will have a hard time makin it duke ihenacho and Greg Orton. Fun story of day duke picked Brock took it back

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