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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
Does any of this really seem like a wake-up call? He's appealing, the team is projecting bravado regarding the potential success of his appeal, and both Von and everyone around him are spinning this into the standard "me-against-the-world-back-against-the-wall-triumph-over-adversity-know-who-got-your-back" bull**** sports narrative. Von is a superstar. Right now, he is getting the superstar treatment. It's a very contemporary reaction to failure: deny shame, and in doing so remove the right-wrong/success-failure binary altogether. it's not about learning from a mistake or taking your lumps for a failure, it's about sublimating everything into an ego boost. Maybe it looks like taking the hard-ass route against Von would be counterproductive, but as this drifts further and further from being about what actually happened and why it happened into a focus on the triumph-of-the-will response to what happened, the likelihood of Von (or anyone) actually giving a **** about what happened, subconsciously, goes down considerably.

tl;dr: I'm with Chris Harris.
GREAT POST! Too bad you, like all the rest of us, have no f'kn idea what this is all about.

Save your high horse for when the race starts.
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