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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
It is what it is.

Let's not forget Von's just a kid. He just needs to understand if he wants to continue to get paid millions to play a silly game, he needs to understand consequences and act like a man.

Hopefully this is the wake-up call and not a year long suspension.
Does any of this really seem like a wake-up call? He's appealing, the team is projecting bravado regarding the potential success of his appeal, and both Von and everyone around him are spinning this into the standard "me-against-the-world-back-against-the-wall-triumph-over-adversity-know-who-got-your-back" bull**** sports narrative. Von is a superstar. Right now, he is getting the superstar treatment. It's a very contemporary reaction to failure: deny shame, and in doing so remove the right-wrong/success-failure binary altogether. it's not about learning from a mistake or taking your lumps for a failure, it's about sublimating everything into an ego boost. Maybe it looks like taking the hard-ass route against Von would be counterproductive, but as this drifts further and further from being about what actually happened and why it happened into a focus on the triumph-of-the-will response to what happened, the likelihood of Von (or anyone) actually giving a **** about what happened, subconsciously, goes down considerably.

tl;dr: I'm with Chris Harris.
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