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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
CO is gonna have a massive water problem in the near future. The farmers and ranchers know this. I know 3rd gen. ranchers moving out because of the water issue.

I hate to point fingers but it's absolutely the influx of morons for places like CA and NY and Ohio and other blue dog states that are making things worse and worse in CO. People are using up the water fast and with a lack of snow in the winter time, well, things dry up and burn down. Just look at all the fires lately.
There are a few reasons for the fires. One of them is poor forest management. BLM does a poor job clearing out dead wood after beetle infestations tear through. People protest "logging" in federally held lands. So this wood just sits, drying out. A small fire starts and you end up with Waldo Canyon or the RG or the North Fork fire. Gigantic infernos. Throw in drier then normal winters and overuse of available water resources and its not a surprise everyone has water issues.

So the ranchers in eastern colorado and the farmers on the west slope have to import water. Add in regulations on electricity or feed or fertilizer and they end up making next to nothing. But hey, we have those ugly ass wind farms going up.

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