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Welcome to the future of dino powered economies. As the "easy to access" sweet crude dries up, it'll become more profitable to do more risky things like trying to extract underground tar sands, which will result in messes like this.

“This is a new kind of oil spill and there is no ‘off button,’” said Keith Stewart, an energy analyst with Greenpeace who teaches a course on energy policy and environment at the University of Toronto. “You can’t cap it like a conventional oil well or turn off a valve on a pipeline.

“You are pressurizing the oil bed so hard that it’s no wonder that it blows out. This means that the oil will continue to leak until the well is no longer pressurized,” which means the bitumen could be seeping from the ground for months.

Let's inject pressurized steam into the ground to liquify the tar so we can suck it up. What? No way to release the pressure should something go wrong? Pfht, stand aside there's money to be made!
I can't wait for the Keystone pipeline to deliver that tar sands oil through the U.S. only to be shipped to overseas markets. Maybe they should learn how to clean it up before building the pipeline... just saying.
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