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You the man Hobo, thanks for all the reporting.

Heres my personal thoughts on a couple things that some people are discussing.

Scootin Bruton is running with the first team because of seniority and the inability of anyone able to earn a starting spot, not because hes the best option. Adams, Carter or Jammer will be the starting SS unless somebody comes out of nowhere.

Hillman stands little chance of being the opening day starter. Hes not an every down back in the NFL. Ball will start, and if for some wild reason he isnt able to secure the job, Moreno will start (and then probably break his leg).

I cannot ever buy completely into the Julius Thomas hype. Julius Thomas is at best the backup TE, ahead of Tamme. Thomas hasnt shown an ability to block, and he wont be there on early downs. Dressen is a good blocker and adequate short yardage, possession TE, and thats why hes starting game 1. Regardless, the Broncos will take a committee approach. Virgil Green makes the team because he is too valuable to drop.
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