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Originally Posted by BroncosfanGuy View Post
went to camp today and these are a few things I noticed:

David Burtoned looked like our best safety. He played with the starting d the entire time from what I could tell and he was quick to the ball in the passing game. He made a real nice play to break up a pass intended for M Ball. That pass was picked by WWIII. He was all over the field and looked much more natural than he ever looked during the season at safety. Mike Adams had a pick and had a solid day in coverage too.

Moreno is bigger. He also got some reps on special teams. And he played exclusively w/ the 2nd team O. He still has real good hands. He put a lot of weight on in his lower body and I think he makes a good 3rd down RB--if I had to guess.

Hillman got 1st crack with the ones and Ball rotated in. Hillman still looks like a change-of-pace back to me, but who knows.

Os was living life to it's fullest after a bit of a rough start. He has a laser rocket arm and his pump fake is quality. He hit Caldwell down the sideline for a huge gain after Caldwell got behind Omar Boldin. He hit Caldwell in stride. Os looks much more confident from the pocket than last preseason, which is expected I suppose.

The base d looked to be 2 gapping quite a bit with Big Vick and Knighton. Those guys along with Sly Williams are HUGE. Nickel D saw Big Vick lined up next to Wolfe on the interior.

No pads, but Von was still unblockable off the edge for Franklin. He's too fast for 1-on-1 blocks. Ayers was eaten up at the point of attack. Phillips backed Von up at DE in nickel looks and he got good consistent pressure off the edge. I think he's going to fit well.

Julius Thomas is huge. And he looked really smooth out there. He looked so good I could write 100+ fluff pieces on it. But this is all I have time for.

Irving played with the 1s. Hard to tell what impact he had since there were no pads. He was quick to diagnose plays and the good news is he's not going to have much trash to fight through with our massive DTs. Stephen Johnson and Stew Bradley were meh. Like I said, hard to tell on the mikes with no pads.

Welker and Manning have a good rapport already.

I wanted to get a good look at Quanterus Smith, but didn't see him on the field at all.

Trevathan and Woodyard played a lot of LB together with the 1s in nickel looks. Trevathan left the field limping toward the end of practice after he and Brootoun attempted to breack up a pass intended for Orange Julius.

As for the end of the roster guys, Greg Orton caught just about everything his way and looked real comfortable out there. He made a good adjustment on a bad ball from Os for a huge gain against Tony Carter. He's a big dude with the legs of Ashley Lelie.

Chris Harris is bigger. And still has a nose for the ball. He pretty much kicks ass.

I'll try to answer any questions as best I can.
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