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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
Of course this small bit of information is left out of this thread .......

Halliburton said it will plead guilty to the criminal charged filed by the Justice Department and pay a fine of $200,000. It also made a voluntary contribution of $55 million to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

ALso: Halliburton shares up 3.8 % today.
So, in other words, greed wins the day and all is good?

These people were some of the primary movers and shakers under Cheney who drove us into the totally unnecessary, unfunded and failed war in Iraq (according to the vets who fought there) which cost us a trillion dollars, killed over four thousand Americans, and filled Halliburton's pockets with cash. Now we find out that they lied, cheated and screwed over the Gulf Coast of America, killing more Americans, and you believe that if their stock is climbing, that this is the only barometer Americans need apply? If there was profit it's all good?
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