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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Keep in mind that all sparkler fans talk crap on all players that leaves their team for a better opportunity to actually win somewhere else.
All's you here from them is,
VJack sucks now
Rodney Harrison sucked
LT sucked
Wes Welker sucks
Drew Brees sucks
Micheal Turner sucked
Darren Sproles sucks
Eli Manning su...

Well, you get the picture.
Hmm, I've never trashed those players on the way out. Brees was a bit of a strange one. He definitely flashed potential here but never came close to reaching it until he got united with Sean Payton. Aside from Harrison, the other guys left because of money (you can blame the GM or ownership on that) but it wasn't because they sucked.

Phillips was a very good player for the Chargers considering his draft position (4th round pick). They definitely got their money's worth with him. He's just was never able to break past being just a "good" player and there's nothing wrong with that (he's had a nice career). But even in his prime, there is no way he could come close to filling Von Miller's shoes. It's just physically not possible.
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