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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Paraphrasing from the following:

The largest BigOil "Subsidies" go towards:

Buying oil for the national strategic petroleum reserve.

Tax breaks for farmers who don't pay federal fuel taxes for the roads they don't drive on and...

low income energy assistance.

In other words, in any meaningful terms, they're not really subsidies to "Big Oil" at all. Just a nice talking point for the scapegoaters.

The ROI on lobbyists doesn't make me feel that the subsidies are in the publics best interest. Anyone who is a free market person would be making a poor argument for giving redistribution of wealth to a profitable enterprise. That's a bad platform to support.

What i'm looking for is trying to find the # of how much the subsidies influence pricing: Pump price, transportation costs, packaging (plastics that are petrol based), etc.

PS: the subsidies for farms, has to do with ethanol. Which relates back to the problem of monoculture. You do realize also, that most pesticides and fertilizers that are chemical in large ag use are petrol derived? Which further questions the use of subsidized petrol.

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