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"Manning usually shies away from questions about his health, but now a full year removed from daily missives about the state of his neck and right arm, Manning seemed comfortable in admitting he feels stronger. The successes in the weight room, though, have done less for his confidence than just spending time with Welker, Decker and Thomas.

"When you have your timing better down with your teammates, that's certainly when, in my past, it has allowed for more precise throws, more confident throws," Manning said.

"I'm all in on 2013," Manning said.

For Manning, Miller and the rest of the Broncos, the two-hour long practice was a welcome return to football after what has otherwise been a dreadful summer, with the news of Miller's suspension and the arrest of two front office executives in separate drunken driving incidents since mid-June.

They are hardly the type of issues Manning would like to address now, as his team embarks on a season with Super Bowl expectations.

"Am I disappointed?" Manning said, repeating the question he was asked near the end of his 9-minute news conference. "Well, I'm sure you would like to not have those problems. Most players would tell you that. But that's football, and we know how to handle it."

"We have Von Miller's back. We have everyone in this organization's back,"
Manning said.

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