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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
They said teams will come in expecting to be in a shoot out vs us and scoring 30 points is a pretty good possibility. They hate our safeties. Pretty much without Von and Doom to rush the passer we are F'd I guess.
This is a golden chance for Ayers, Wolfe, Shaun Phillips, Qanterus, Beal and Malik to step up. we just need two of these guys to play pretty decent pass rush and we wont miss a thing as long as Von wins his appeal.

If Von has to sit four games, then getting some decent pressure with any combination of these guys is more paramount, but still it isn't close to the end of the world these guys are imagining.

Our DLine will be getting a lot more push up the middle this year as well with real pressure from the center for a change. We will definitely find two out of this bunch .. and you know Wolfe will be one of them .. who can take up a good amount of the slack and sure we might have to score an extra 7 each of those first 4 games to win them all compared to if Von was there the whole time, but that is very doable against any of these first four teams we face early in the season.

NY Giants game on the road might well be the toughest. But our offense will be in explosive mode by game two.. and three of those four games are at Mile High without the disadvantage for our style of precision offense that the -10 degree wind chill in the last playoff game against the Ratbirds proved to be.

This game will be in nice balmy weather for sure on September 5th this time around ... The Ravens have a whole lot to new people in key positions to get on the same page ... not to mention 'fail the physical' Jacoby Jones from too much SB partying ....

We can easily go 3-1 or even 4-0 before Von comes back raring t0 tear up the league to make up for the embarrassment of the suspension and we will have several more DEs and LBs with a lot more experience under their belt as well as at least a silver lining over a bummer situation.

Its definitely not the end of the world by any means.

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