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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
I agree, in part. But you can't ignore how much technology has drastically expanded their reach.
The biggest change in recent time has been social, not technological. The old joke, of course is "The XXX agency is very proud of its new "facebook" application.

And to borrow the Nixon analogy, at least when daylight saw what he was really up to, the public was outraged and a corrective course was set. The most troubling thing about this whole episode isn't that it's been going on. Usurpers will sometimes usurp, after all. The real alarm comes from the widespread indifference.

And the our checks and balances essentially shrugging it off. Although I don't think the judiciary has really weighed in yet (with FISA basically being an arm of the administration
I see plenty of public outrage, except when there's something more interesting to bicker about that is. Of course, anyone involved in tech has known this type of thing goes on all the time, so, to our fault, we're a bit numb to it.

And really, the problem isn't lack of outrage outrage, it's fear. This whole country is so damn pants peeing scared of the damn terrorists that they'll roll over for pretty much anything. And the politicians are afraid to take a stand against this sort of this, because they know they'll be crucified for it the next time someone gets harmed in a terror attack.

It's pretty much this:

9/11/PATRIOT Act happens:

Public:Holy ****, we need to DOOOO something
Politicians: Ok, we'll just toss out the 4th, as well as a bunch of other liberties. It'll help us make you safer, and we'll get to oogle hot chicks in the airport line! Err. redact that last part.

PRISM Get's Leaked:

Public: ZOMG, why are you doing all these horrible things?
Politicans: Well, you said you wanted to do something, and no one really complained when we said we were going to do these types of things...

And then, in the future if PRISM is actually taken down:

Some terrorist event:

Public: ZOMG, why didn't we know about this? What is the government doing to protect me?!?!
Politicians: Oh, so scrap the 4th again eh?

and so on and so forth.
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