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I'm continually amazed at the narrative that tries to imply this only started with Obama, or this particular program for that matter.

Every administration, every legislature is complicit going back at least as far as the 60s -- and that's just for electronic methods. Privacy has been dead a long, long time.
I agree, in part. But you can't ignore how much technology has drastically expanded their reach. And to borrow the Nixon analogy, at least when daylight saw what he was really up to, the public was outraged and a corrective course was set.

The most troubling thing about this whole episode isn't that it's been going on. Usurpers will sometimes usurp, after all. The real alarm comes from the widespread indifference. And the our checks and balances essentially shrugging it off. Although I don't think the judiciary has really weighed in yet (with FISA basically being an arm of the administration)
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