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bottom line: KC's D was 24th in scoring last year, ours was 4th. Despite all of their pro-bowlers, they were one of the worse squads in the league. Claiming any kind of superiority is absurd.

Here's an interesting KC Defensive stat - the led the league in passes attempted against. That's something, right?
A lot of this is attributed to the offense. Your offense was on the field a lot and rarely put your defense in a bad position. They put them in great positions to pin their ears back.

Our defense was on the field all game long all year. The defense was always tired because the offense could never create quality drives. We didn't have a lead until halfway through the season, so our 2 pass rushers never got to pin their ears back. I heard this morning that Justin Houston was one of 5 LB's in the NFL last year that played 1,000 snaps.

Can't imagine that kind of pressure to hold offenses at bay when your QB turns the ball over 3 times as often as he throws TD's.

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