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Here is Underrated 29's Twitter

Ur29 ‏@ThefakeUR29 3m

Ayers w good pressure Hillman solid cuts and run

Holliday juked the gunners silly and would have go e the distance

Brock telegraphed pass to montee- nice catch- montee faster than I thought

Quick 4 yd slant to Wes - completely uncoverable again

Manning and Wes vs Harris and the ... Wow! Made Harris stumble 10 yards . He is soooooo sick!!!!!!!!

Drc closed and broke up decker amazing g play

Peyton with some zip - cant tell yet if arm is stronger but the spirals are tighter- take it for what you will

Ota reports bout Wes breaking ankles are accurate! He cuts up lots of turf when he digs- no one else so far has done that

We running press drill. Dt looked slow off press, Holliday freaking flew by it

Trindon only other one who cuts like Wes

Orange Julius still w starters- can't get over how big he is

Twice I have mistaken Julius Thomas for a lineman running routes. But in a good way

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