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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Yeah, real research is "I saw something kinda sorta like it first hand once. Therefore it's always cataclysmic everywhere."

The sad part is you think this is a risk you can just turn on or off. In reality less domestic drilling and pipelining equals more supertankers floating around the coasts. And if history has shown anything, it's that an accident with one of those things is when the SRHTF.

Oh and there's that whole middle class/jobs aspect you claim to care so much about.
And now you're just jumping from thread to thread rehashing arguments that have already been discussed. Your "transporting oil is dangerous, so what's the big deal about a pipeline" argument has already been discussed. The indiscretions and negligence of the company contracted with Keystone pipeline (not to mention big oil in general) are well documented and many.

But sure, keep burying your head in the (tar) sand. I'm sure you'll be first in line with the "nothing to see here, folks!" when the next disaster inevitably happens. Meanwhile, the oil company that gets a slap on the wrist and the (likely) conservative elected officials will laugh all the way to the bank, while more and more of those small businesses you claim to love go out of business.
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