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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Keep in mind that all sparkler fans talk crap on all players that leaves their team for a better opportunity to actually win somewhere else.
All's you here from them is,
VJack sucks now
Rodney Harrison sucked
LT sucked
Wes Welker sucks
Drew Brees sucks
Micheal Turner sucked
Darren Sproles sucks
Eli Manning su...

Well, you get the picture.
This is so true. Every time they've released or not re-signed one of these guys they've come in here shouting "good riddens!" Michael Turner isn't that good. Brees "never did anything" and was the "real" reason for their post season failures. Rodney Harrison was done. Vincent Jackson was a product of Rivers. Even with Brees the most you can get them to admit is "they didn't have any other choice." Ok.
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