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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Not saying the Chiefs are better in most categories. I'm saying that the Broncos are not easily better in the other position groups.

The one position group that the Chiefs are better than the Broncos at without question is LB. 3 of our 4 LB's are multiple year pro bowlers (soon to be multiple year probowlers in Houston's case).

Von is a great player, but he's just one guy. Easily take us as a whole.
You're comparing apples to oranges here. Two completely different defensive schemes. KC runs a 3-4, Denver runs a nickel 4-3. We score a hell of a lot of points so the opposing team has to throw a lot which means we only have 2 LBs on the field the majority of the time. So you're comparing Von Miller and the highest rated coverage MLB in the league ( to KCs 4 LBs. I'd say both teams have very talented groups. Neither one is better than the other because you can't compare them.
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