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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Not saying the Chiefs are better in most categories. I'm saying that the Broncos are not easily better in the other position groups.

The one position group that the Chiefs are better than the Broncos at without question is LB. 3 of our 4 LB's are multiple year pro bowlers (soon to be multiple year probowlers in Houston's case).

Von is a great player, but he's just one guy. Easily take us as a whole.

IDK Miller and Woodyard are at least equal to DJ, Houston, AND Hali

Houston and Hali disappear vs the run DJ disappears vs the pass

Miller's stats are double Houston's and Hali's in most categories. Hali's stats have been on the decline the last 2 years.

Put Siler in with our TBD MLB and it is at least a push or very slight lead for kFc for 2012.

2013 we added Phillips so our depth is light years better than what you guys added.

It will be fun to watch you guys try to keep us to 17 points at home this year with the addition of Montee Ball, Wes Welker, and a healthy Clady.

It will also be fun to see if Alex Smith goes back to his play from his 1st 3 years and throws more INT's than TD's. That is the thing I would be most worried about as a kFc fan, you have a QB who took 3 years to get more TD's than INT's and he has only one quality WR and a RB to dump it to.

I think Reid could have made Cassell as good a QB that Smith will be, maybe even better but there is no way they could have brought him back after the fan outrage last year.
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