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Raiders take No. 24 from Tracy Porter, give it to Charles Woodson
Posted by Michael David Smith on July 24, 2013, 8:26 PM EDT

APWhen Charles Woodson returned to the Raiders in May, he said he was hoping to get his old No. 24 jersey from Tracy Porter, who was assigned the number when he signed with the Raiders in April.

Now Woodson has succeeded in getting No. 24. And Porter doesn’t sound particularly happy about it.

Porter wrote on Twitter that the No. 24 jersey had been “taken” from him, putting the word “taken” in all capital letters, to emphasize that it was neither given nor purchased.
♌Tracy Porter♌ @TracyPorter Well you Raiders fans...your guy has 24. It was TAKEN from me and given to him. #congrats.....too funny how this biz "works"��
Porter did add that he’s not mad, but he also suggested that he doesn’t think the uniform number situation was handled appropriately.
♌Tracy Porter♌ @TracyPorter Not mad at's just the principle and the way it was handled.....said my piece, now back to football.
Woodson is a generous man who has given millions of dollars to charity, so it would be surprising if he were so stingy that he wouldn’t give Porter anything for the No. 24 jersey. But that seems to be what Porter is saying.
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