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Originally Posted by missingnumber7 View Post
How come it doesn't supprise me that this large group of Dbags takes the cheapshots at mays on his way out the door. And the same group will be complaining when Irving who isn't a true MLB gaff's his way through the season. There is some young talent on this team that needs leadership, and Joe was that, he just came a little bit of a tall price tag to not be the 100% on the field guy. He wasn't the same after the suspension, and then the whole blame for the NE game fell on his shoulders, which was BS. Joe was a solid MLB and was brought to Denver to be a run stopper not to be the full time starting MLB, and assisted in getting Arrington out the door.

Honestly our D seemed pretty solid before yesterday and now I am going to watch the situation at LB through training camp and preseason. I hope the young guys prove me wrong but Johnson, Trevathan, and Irving don't appear ready to hold the fort down by themselves, and I hope I don't have to watch the limp noodle Brookings play MLB again.

Saving 3.5 Mil in cap space is huge to bring in someone to fill in for Von if he is suspended. And this is all about money in the end.

I like Mays but he was handed the job and he still lost it. The Broncos gave him $4m to sit on the bench. It is what it is.
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