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Wesley Woodyard

Originally Posted by Smilin Assassin View Post
Sure, a lot of athletes are denying drug use these days, but call me naive. I think he's being honest.

I still think the suspension gets reduced if not lifted entirely.
Thank you.

I don't know what Von did or did not do. No one really does. 3 years ago, I would have said he absolutely didn't do it. But, I feel like I've seen enough stuff since then that I am taking a much more guilty until proven innocent approach to all athletes and celebrities.

That being said, there just aren't any hard facts out yet, other than there is a suspension being appealed and its not PEDs. Speculation is rampant that its from an inhaler that had amphetamines to it being from something that happened in 2011.

So, I for one, will believe something did occur, but what, I am not sure. I will not say Von is out until this appeals process is finished and a final determination is made.
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