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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
re-signing Del Rio has been my #1 all offseason. Id like to extend him now. I do not want to wait for us to have another solid D and then he bolts to be a HC again. Id say we pay him the salary of a HC to him. I dont care. We are under the cap and we have seen the difference our Defense has when it has a good DC (nolan and del rio) and when it has a no name- every one else.
I don't think coaches salaries are included in the cap so that's not an issue. I'm sure the FO will increase his pay but I highly doubt they will pay him like a HC. Remember, DRC had way too many dreadful seasons in Jacksonville, even with high picks every year, to be a front runner for many HC jobs. Just because you are a stellar coordinator doesn't mean you're automatically a great HC. And with the league seemingly more and more becoming an offensive league, I think you'll see top notch OC's become HC's faster then DC's. But I agree with you, I love what DRC is doing here and I seriously hope he's around for several more years.

But honestly, I'm super confident that Elway is making good judgement calls in regards to hiring coaches and coordinators. If DRC did leave next year, I'm confident Elway would find another solid guy for the job.
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