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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Cool. You know one thing that hasn't got much attention during the offseason by us posters at the mane is the fact that this indeed will be 2 years in a row with the same DC. I think it's going to benefit this defense tremendously. Not having to adjust to a new DC, a new defensive system, it's going to really help guys be on the same page. Instead of learning a ton of new stuff in camp, they can focus on fine tuning and not overhauling.
re-signing Del Rio has been my #1 all offseason. Id like to extend him now. I do not want to wait for us to have another solid D and then he bolts to be a HC again. Id say we pay him the salary of a HC to him. I dont care. We are under the cap and we have seen the difference our Defense has when it has a good DC (nolan and del rio) and when it has a no name- every one else.
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