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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Baltimores Defense is massively upgraded in the front seven.

Ngata takes over at NT for the pathetic Cody, Haloti will be a force there. Canty will play DE which is a good fit for him in that hybrid scheme, he had success in NY stopping the run and generating pass rush as a DT, which essentially will be his role again.

We all know Doom upgrades Kruger. Daryl Smith was a big time signing for the Ravens at ILB, I really wish we had pursued him, bacon bacon knows what I'm talking about. Webb coming back from injury is Bigggg.

That defense was living off of reputation with Lewis and Reed, their play was diminishing. But you always had to account for both players which is significant. But this years D will be younger and faster, where we can take advantage is their short comings in football IQ as there is no longer their General on the field to put players in the position to be successful.
I agree with most of this, but they are weaker at coverage from the LB's and the secondary isn't that impressive to me. I love Daryl Smith, still he is new to a 3-4. It doesn't sound like McClain will get cleared soon so the middle of that D will be manned by new players and with our offense going no huddle we might be able to catch them out of position for big plays.

Also I think their corners are not every good. Webb is coming off a knee injury and I really think Jimmy Smith blows. He will be expect to play more now that Williams is gone.
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