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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by MaloCS View Post
My point is the NFL should throw the FAN a bone a give use a bonafide option to represent our team with jerseys that won't go out of style in one season. It doesn't matter to me if it's a "12th Man" jersey or a jersey with a giant "F" on it. I just want a way to display my die hard fanaticism for the team I love.

I'm tired of representing players that don't care about the team the same way I do. I'm tired of wasting money on players that won't be here next year. I'm tired of wearing someone else's name on my back. I want a way to rep my favorite team with a jersey that is relevant for years to come. Right now, that's going the be with the number 12 so Seattle or Texas or whoever else can go eat a big fat #$#@.
I feel your pain but it is naive to think that any player in the NFL feels the same way about the team he plays for as us diehards. Most of these guys are lucky to be in the NFL, it is nice when you get a story like Mike Bell or even Montee Ball who grew up rooting for the Broncos or one of their players.

At the end of the day they will go where they can get paid the most. It is just a job for them and they fail and make mistakes just like we do.

I don't feel the need to wear a jersey anymore, a tee with a guys name or number is fine, it is cheaper and you can mow the lawn in it after they leave.
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