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I understand everyone's advice on getting an Elway jersey but you know what, I'm tired of wearing another person's name on my back. I'm not John Elway or Terrell Davis or Rod Smith or Steve Atwater, I'm MaloCS and I want an alternative that allows me to represent my favorite team in a jersey that won't become irrelevant because the player either leaves the team, is an a-hole, a murderer or drug addict.

In the last six months my family has spent about $350 on Von Miller jerseys, one of which is a $60 dollar jersey for my son. That jersey is now trash because there's no way in hell that I'm going to have my 6 year old son representing a man that's either too dumb to know the rules or too addicted to his substance to care about them. If the Broncos offered an exchange program like the Patriots did with Hernandez I'd be the first in line. I'm just so tired of spending good money on gear that goes out of style in a year.

I feel the NFL should throw a bone to it's fans and designate a single number for that purpose only. Then, as a die hard fan I can buy the fan numbered jersey and never worry about it becoming irrelevant. I could buy the home version, the away version, the throwback version and be confident that my investment is sound, even in the event the team decides to change uniform designs, in which case they become "old school" and even more awesome.

If these jerseys were $20 a piece I wouldn't have a problem tossing Miller's jersey in the trash but hell, I paid over $100 for my Von Miller jersey which I'm never going to wear again. What a freaking waste!

I want my freaking money back!!!!

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