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Default The 12th Man

Are you tired of wasting money on jerseys for players that either get into trouble or leave the team? I know I am.

This is why I'm going to quit buying specific players' jerseys and start representing the number 12 in honor of the fabled "12th Man". You know who the "12th Man" is right? He's the die hard fan that bleeds orange and blue.

In light of the NFL's recent off field problems they should throw the fan a bone and retire the number 12 from every organization in honor of the fan. This way the fan can buy a jersey and have that jersey remain relevant for years to come. I just wasted $100 on a Von Miller jersey for my mom who is heartbroken due to the recent developments. I honestly don't think she's ever going to wear the brand new jersey I gave her for Mother's Day. What a waste!!!!!

I will start with an orange, customized number 12 jersey that reads "12th Man" on the back. Join me in making this statement not only to the Broncos but the NFL. I'll be looking for other "12th Man" jerseys at the stadium this year.

Go Broncos!!!!!!!!

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