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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
If you aren't confident in Ayers, it's not a great contingency plan to hope Q has healed, or Beal finally stays healthy and shows something, or that Ayers magically shows the pass rushing traits of an open sided DE.

There will be a rotation, and Wolfe was always playing DE in base downs, not sure why you still think otherwise. He will kick inside and Sly brought in on passing downs.
It was always going to be an 8 man rotation anyway. With Miller gone, Wolfe plays more DE snaps instead of DT snaps (70/30), flipping his snaps from last year. Unrein gets more action at DT. Malik Jackson might get a little more than just spot duty. Quanterus Smith gets thrown in the mix, and Jeremy Beal gets a roster spot for 4 weeks. All the young guys get a chance to grow up early. Problem solved.

Offseason Timeline:
April 29 (OTA Phase 2 Workouts) - Del Rio makes it clear Wolfe is a Defensive Tackle (played 70% of snaps from DT position in 2012).

May 29 (Memorial Day Weekend) - Von Miller dons onesie at Vegas pool party

June 6 (Derek Wolfe radio interview with Dave Logan) - Wolfe talks about how he's getting leaner to rush off the edge more

July 22 (Leak Day) - Von suspension leaked

My guess is Von got popped for Molly right after his Memorial Day Weekend trip to Vegas, though I'm probably wrong.

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