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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
So you're a Buffalo kid as well?

R, I can't understand why Republicans, meaning voters, aren't tired of the Healthcare **** with the GOP. The uninsured, pre-exsiting condition and too poor to afford group are not all Democrats or tree hugging liberals... these are other conservatives, their family members, freinds, etc... why is it so terrible that every American should have to carry heath coverage? The GOP infuriates me right now, I get it you want small government and I don't disgree with alot of it, but does that mean we can't as a nation solve any problems?

I mean ACA was projected to cost 1T of 8 years, right (I take out the 2 year ramp up, nto benefit period to be fair)? A little more than $100B a year for this program when our total government outlays are 3-4 Trillion? Puh-Leez- t have millions of Amerians be able to get coverage and not live in fear of losing a job and coverage would be a big win for everybody.
Their ideology says that the magic of the free (and privatized) market is the only viable option for all societal issues. Government, by its very nature, is incapable of solving ANY problems. Therefore, they must ensure that it can't.

I didn't grow up in Buffalo. I lived there a couple of years.
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