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The Von Miller situation is getting even more confusing.

Adam Schefter of ESPN has reported that Miller is facing a four-game suspension for violating a league policy. Schefter has yet to report whether Miller violated the substance-abuse policy or the PED policy.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Miller has violated both policies. Per Klis, Miller tested positive for amphetamines and marijuana in 2011. The former, which is the active ingredient in Adderall and other related substances, would trigger an automatic four-game suspension under the PED policy. The latter would require at least three violations before a suspension arises.

It appears, then, that the suspension comes from the positive test for amphetamine. But itís still unclear why it has taken so long to get the appeal resolved.

In late 2011, there was some suspicion that the league tapped the brakes on a couple of potential suspensions in order to avoid derailing Tebowmania. In 2012, the Broncos were among the leagueís darlings, given the arrival of Peyton Manning. Thereís no evidence that the process as to Miller has been delayed in any way to help the Broncos, however.

And thereís also no evidence that the process will be resolved any time soon. Until Millerís appeal has been heard and decided, heíll carry the stigma of being a cheater. Unfortunately for Miller, the fact that someone blabbed means that Miller will have that stigma in the eyes of some, even if he wins.
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