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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Can only imagine if Phil could have just got even half of those 2nd place finishes at the US Open to go his way. He'd be sitting at 8 right now. Tiger is playing much better the last 18 months or so. He's won 4 times this year. He just can't get anything going on the weekend in the majors.

How about Mcleroy. Dude is seriously falling apart, David Duval style. The great thing about Phil is, all the swing experts say he's got a swing that will serve him well into his late 40's. It's not some fast violent movement that would cause injury. I did notice, however, that Butch has shorted his backswing some and that new lofted driver/frankenwood is really helping him out. Driving was always his biggest weakness and he seems to slow but surely, with that new wood, getting better at that.
****ing Wingfoot.

I think it started for Rory having woman on the brain and now it's a confidence thing.

I can't remember exactly but the second 3 wood on 17 he went beyond parallel maybe I am thinking of an iron shot. I think the biggest thing was keeping his cool on 16 and nutting up for the par. The putter was hot too...all day.

Imagine if Jack had won half those 2nd place finishes in Majors. He'd have 27. David did some coverage and they asked him about Rory I think. I had to leave the room.
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