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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
A drug raver kids use. And hipsters.

Now I can see a 4 game suspension.

For this guy to think he can take Molly while knowing full well he takes drug tests leads me to believe his stupidity level is at maximum. This FO being cheap on dumervil looks even more stupid now. But I can understand it now that I know they were drunk during contract negotiations.

This teams offseason has been nothing but embarrassment from the Rahim Moore play until now. One of the worst offseasons I've seen in a long time.
Attention - will all the morons who keep saying the FO was being cheap on Doom, please stop already. Elway was actually being smart smart. Doom had agreed to what we were going to pay him. And let's just say for example that the agreed amount was higher. As long as it was done on the same day, the problem was in that Doom didn't get the signature faxed in time. Tired of you guys trying to pin this on our club. Doom or his agent F'd it up. Simple as that. We've beat that horse a million times. It's not even a horse anymore, it's an unrecognizable carcass.

As for Von - I still love the guy. But if he's been warned about use before and keeps doing it, then he's a fool. He was in a perfect situation to possible be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. Hope the blunt was worth it Von. It just cost you MILLIONS.
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