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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Those situations weren't embarrassing. I'm talking strictly embarrassing situations. Rahim Moore was embarrassing. The fax machine. Not one but 2 FO execs with embarrassing behavior. Von looking like a raver. Joe mays still on the team (per bigdawg)
Oh, whatever. As i said, if the Broncos are in first by december, which they should be, not a **** will be given.

Also, if recent history has taught us anything, just get into the playoffs and its anyone's game.

The Ravens last year were only OK during the regular season, and entered the playoffs with a completely re-shuffled O-line. Can you imagine the uproar around here if the Broncos went into their playoff game with Chris Clark starting at LT, Beadles shifting to RG, and Clady to RT? Because that's basically what happened to the Ravens.

Not to mention the two Giants super bowls.

Just get in the playoffs.
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