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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Freedom and achievement take a certain aptitude and although most are capable of functioning at least adequately, there's an entire anti-establishment ( RE: anti anything white ) culture that permeates many urban areas in America today.

"Most" who? This statement that you wrote in the above post is blatantly racist and sounds like pure Nazi logic. Not only that, it is demonstrably wrong as well.

Economic inequality creates sub-cultures. Sub-cultures are those at the bottom of the economic ladder who engage in alternative economies to survive. They are not welcomed into the dominant culture so they, clever humans that they are, devise their own culture. Man cannot live without culture.

There have been many such sub-cultures that are purely Caucasian as well. Two still survive in some strength in the Appalachians and the bayous of Louisiana. There is a long history of sub-cultures in every ethnic community as well. I remember seeing a huge Polish sub-culture when I lived in Buffalo. Man is a hierarchical creature. We can't seem to get beyond it. But the capacity of any individual human to achieve far beyond the class he was born into, regardless of race, is beyond debate.
Most who? MOST PEOPLE.

The sub cultures of Appalachia are not embraced (in a positive way) in the same fashion as the cultures of inner city life in Filthadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Detroit or NY...the ghetto lifestyle is glamorized and sought after by many, with the poisonous cultural tentacles reaching all of the way to Suburbia, USA through music and TV. And this malignancy has been enabled by Leftists who truly believe that there is some equivalency to be spoken for.
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