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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by errand View Post
HOUSE: For - Against

Percentage of Democrats favoring the Civil Rights Bill: 63%
Percentage of Republicans favoring Civil Rights Bill: 80%

..... Now let's look at the Senate. Maybe it was better there:


Percentage of Democrats favoring the Civil Rights Bill: 69%
Percentage of Republicans favoring Civil Rights Bill: 82%
So what? The Democratic Party was still dominated by Southerners in the '60s (and for decades before). After all, it was the party of Andrew Jackson. How much influence does the Democratic Party have in the South now? Zero? 5%? The election of JFK/LBJ represented a blending of NE liberals and the Dixiecrats. Since then, the Dixiecrats have gone over to the Republicans in droves and the South has become staunchly conservative. In fact, the primary reason the Dixiecrats left the Democrats was because the modern Dems started backing racial equality. Face it, LBJ wouldn't stand a chance in modern Texas. The South only liked the Democrats when they were building them highways and hooking up their electricity and sanitation. Once that was done, they kicked them out and went back to their old ways.

You can thank Ronald Reagan and Lee Atwater for selling out the Republican Party to the racist white element in America in exchange for votes. Why do you think Reagan launched his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi? You don't think that was a signal? Oh yeah, and the theme of the speech was "states rights."

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