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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
You know, you think after all the times the ignorance and idiocy of the above statement has been exposed, that the right would stop trying to tout it as some great win for republicans/conservatives.

But no, the stupid is still strong with errand et al.

It certainly does reek of disingenuousness however so does the Liberal perspective the the USA is a stronger more vibrant country simply because our racial admixture is more diverse. By nearly every national measure the USA has lost worldwide standing in education, % of people able to make the leap from middle class to wealthy etc etc... And it's because we slowly since the 1960s have embraced a political ethos of equal outcomes. Equality of opportunity is god given IMHO, but to pretend that the average person of some diverse group will should achieve to the level of an average person from the majority population is fools gold and it has bore itself out over the last 50 years all over America where our inner cities are murderous war zones, ghetto versions if English need subtitles ( RE:rachel jenteal), education levels don't rise much above 3rd grade and teachers are more concerned about safety than education and far too many children don't have a father in their lives. Freedom and achievement take a certain aptitude and although most are capable of functioning at least adequately, there's an entire anti-establishment ( RE: anti anything white ) culture that permeates many urban areas in America today. In many ways our urban centers are quickly transforming America into 3rd worldom by virtue of the character traits of some of its citizens and it's getting WORSE and not better for each passing generation as those behaviors and traits become more acceptable due to leftist tolerance of such behaviors......the big corporations in the 1960's realized America's folly and starting in the 1970's the outsourcing of thousands of middle class jobs began. Business is full of bright, pragmatic's not hard to draw the correlation between America's flawed embracing of a system that no longer rewards people solely on merit.......

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