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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Tywin was hedging his bets because he thought Jaime lost. He also knew that Tyrion could somewhat control prince poophead.
Either way, he appointed Tryion when he could of appointed others.

No one really found out about this. The Spider is one of the few and it's his job to know everything.
I haven't read the book, but from all accounts, the queen knows about it. So i'm sure Tywin knows about it. He also knows about the king sending the kings guard to kill Tyrion.

See number one. It doesn't mean he loves or wants his son to succeed him.
I never said Tywin wants Tyrion to succeed. Just because Tywin doesn't love or want Tyrion to succeed, he still has no choice but to choose Tyrion as his successor with the uncertainty of Jaime.

All of that is him controlling what he can. I think Tywin knows Tyrion isn't stupid and has his uses. But that doesn't remove the contempt he feels every time he looks at him. Tywin is the ultimate pragmatist. His goal is preserve the family name. Making his imp son the heir, assuming we knew nothing else about Tyrion, would hurt that name in some measure. Knowing what we do about his whoring and overall disdain for royalty (despite enjoying royal benefits) don't help. Factor in Tywin's personal feelings and there's no way.
whats worse, hurting the family name or having destroyed by choosing the wrong successor? He knows the queen isn't smart enough, joef is an idiot, jaime is probably dead. At this point Tywin has no choice. I think that is why he is gauging Tyrion.
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