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They maybe revitalizing Fitzsimmons and the area in front of it (colfax) but Morris Heights and the area on the west side (Montview) are not exactly the most desirable places to live. Yeah..I could buy a house in Detroit for $5 dollars but that doesn't mean I should live there
I know AK. Parker is the perfect place where all the white boys ran to. Trust me got plenty of friends who are there now. Sadly several of them have had their homes robbed and cars broken into.

Let's face it. What people are saying is they don't living among "brown" people without actually saying it.

What I'm saying is the FACTS of Aurora Colorado are that statistically it ranks in the top 10 safest cities in America. I'm not making this up. You are correct. Morris Heights isn't Wash Park.

Someone has to stand up for Aurora because it's clear nobody else will. There are a lot of behind the scene deals happening.

Hell you've been around long enough Andy. The area around coors field was **** hole not that long. Parker was cows. Hell North aurora was nothing but cows not that long ago.

There is a book you can find at the local Walgreens in Aurora that has the full history of Aurora. I got a copy. Great stuff! You might find it interesting.

Some people like paying top dollar and chasing the trendy areas to live. Nothing wrong with it. Then there were guys like Hoffman. (Read the book).

We're creating a "new Aurora" out east.....Stay Tuned. It's going to change some things and keep some of the yuppies from clogging up Parker for you AK.

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