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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Don't need to pay you. It's one of the fastest growing/job growth areas of Colorado. We're breaking ground on a 1,000+ lot subdivision soon. People are paying us.

The OP title is moving to "denver" because of a job in Aurora. Same with the other thousands of people moving to Aurora. That is my point. The job growth is in Aurora. Where he lives is up to him. If people want to drive 30 minutes to make money in aurora that's fine. Just easier to live where you work.

I'm not ****ing anyone. Aurora has incorrectly been labeled an unsafe city yet the facts consistently rank Aurora in the top 10 safest cities in America of similar size. Facts are facts.

Median income over $60,000
Unemployment 2.4%
Home Appreciation 8.9%
They maybe revitalizing Fitzsimmons and the area in front of it (colfax) but Morris Heights and the area on the west side (Montview) are not exactly the most desirable places to live. Yeah..I could buy a house in Detroit for $5 dollars but that doesn't mean I should live there
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