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Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
I live in 27 story condo complex full of Syrian Ex Pats families, Iraq students going to GMU, old Jewish Couples, low level diplomats, some gay weight lifters and empty nesters Military/Federal Employees couples. I swear I am the only single hetro white guy in whole the complex.

My biggest issue is the ambulances/ER that shows up in the middle of the night for the all old folks having medical issues and the group of old guys that wear European speedo at the pool. Otherwise it is extremely quite and mostly everyone leave everyone alone on the deck but does do small talk in the hall when see each other.
My daughter has a friend who lives at the edge of my walking distance. The kids get a long really well and we have been trading off play dates. As you go around the last corner before you get to their house there is a dude who has a SUV with all these kettle ball stickers on it. I have seen him with his garage door open with all these assortment of kettle balls in there so I figured he is running a workout place from his house.

Anyhoo the last time I took my daughter over to her friends this guy was out in the driveway blocking the sidewalk with a kettle ball strapped to his waist doing squats or shaking the ball around, I didn't want to make eye contact long enough to figure it out. It reminded me of that act in the 90's that would lift weights with piercings, including the Prince Albert piercing.

All I know is we crossed the street to get past his house and I told my kid never to go near there. I asked her friend and she laughed and had all these stories about his work outs. I don't know if he is trying to drum up business or just likes to be the creepy workout dude, all I know is I am not going to **** with him. I am just glad he doesn't live by us though he might be quieter than our idiots because he has to be tired after all that working out.
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