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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
Of course the difference is you won't demand it of Reid like of Romney. Who said to stop it at taxes and grades? I'd like to know who has given money to people like Reid and Pelosi, among others, for example. Funny thing was when Reid was demanding Romney give more info., but Reid refused to do the same the excuse made by his supporters(anyone who always votes democrat) was Reid wasn't running for president. So the belief apparently was more important for someone running for president, who can only be in that spot for 8 years max is more important to see their records than someone in Congress who has been in for 40+ years and in their for a lifetime. Yeah, really makes sense.
So what you're saying is that one longtime Congressperson has more of an effect on the government than a two-term President?

Go back to high school politics, chum.
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