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Originally Posted by ak1971 View Post
Here you go...

Queen Soopers! I used to shop there a lot and l lived near Cheeseman park and yes, it's rainbow city! My apartment manager was a guy but the first time I met him I thought he was a woman, or, I really couldn't decide what gender he was. It wasn't until later that I was talking to him and I noticed beard stubble. Also, he lived with--get this--a trucker guy who was your basic cap wearing fatass trucker dude.

Anyhow, my apartment manager's name was Andrew, strange I still remember this. He/she was nice and he liked me as a tenant so I could pretty much do whatever the hell I wanted. Also, I lived right next door to a couple of lesbos.

The bad thing about the neighborhood is my car kept getting broken into. That sucked. I was also living right down the street from a two bars, one called Cricket on the Hill, the other was Garbo's (I think). The Cricket used to have some decent home grown bands. Man, I used to get wasted drunk at those places and stumble home...
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