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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
You clowns live in a dream world. Conspiracies do happen.

Remember the scene from 9/11 -- when Rudy Giuliani and his police chief Bernard Kerik told the press there were no explosives at the World Trade Center. ?

Here is the archived clip. Refresh your memory:

Kerik is the guy standing behind Giuliani's right shoulder.

This was the first news report, that day, denying explosives. The press responded like lemmings -- and soon all gov't officials were parroting the same line -- no explosives no explosives!

Guess where Bernard Kerik is today? In federal prison -- convicted in 2009 for bribery, tax fraud and document falsification.

Kind of makes you wonder whether he and Rudy were lying on 9/11.
Don't waste your time mark, these clowns don't even care to get to the truth of the assassination of a beloved president. The swallow the party line without question any other explanation is a.... wait for it..... "Conspiracy theory'" like it is some kind of dirty word. They question nothing not even when buildings fall down all by themselves like building 7 did.
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