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I am interviewing for a job in Aurora in a couple of weeks, is that a decent area?

Does anyone work or know anything about the Anschutz medical campus of CU?
I have been an administrator at University Hospital at AMC for 10 years.. I know everybody....

what do you want to know? AMC campus has some heavy hitting backing from donors, and is attracting world renowned talent in MD's and researchers... I used to live in Buffalo NY, one of my best friend loves in Richmond Hill Ontario- it is VERY different here than what you're used too, but in a good way... we don't have milk in bags, poutine or higher alcohol Labatt's or Molson, but you'll bet just fine... lol

Yes, live in Park Hill (where I live), Lowry, Stapleton, Congress Park... don't live in A-Town if you don't have too, and the area around AMC is really not very good (fun fact: James Homes lived across the street from my parking garage, and worked in the building next to mine... sick ****ing a-hole) Aurora is OK out south, so 80016, so like Parkers Road and Orchard Area is ok.... but that is near parker ad littleton, a good 20 minutes drive with no traffic.

PM me if you want,, glad to help...

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