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There's so many unknows about kc. Reid has been very mediocre withouth McNabb and Johnson. He's bringing in a QB who is the epitome of average. Supposedly kc has some talent but none of that matters if the team doesn't gell or buy into Reid's system. I can see this team going 2-14 again. I can also see them going maybe 8-8. Too many unknowns.
I think a lot of this had to do with circumstance. Alex Smith was drafted into a terrible team. The talent was just not there. This "great" OL they had was non-existent until 2010, even though their 2 rookies were still getting acclimated to the NFL game at that point.
It also severely hurts a QB when there is a new OC with a new system every single year. There's no consistency at all.

This is a great situation for Alex to be in. Reid has always made QB's look their best and we have some good weapons for him to use in Bowe and Charles (I think Charles is the best weapon he's ever had in his career).

Alex Smith was 1st in accuracy, top 10 in yards per completion average, top 10 in NFL total QBR. He was also on pace to score 24 TD's last year, good for 13th.
I'd say that's above average.

Reid is going to be far more aggressive. Heard this on our local station. His plan isn't to have Alex throw deep all the time like people think. He's going to throw short and intermediate passes most of the time. He was very good doing that in SF. Don't see why he can't be good with Reid if he throws more of the same passes.
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