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Chris Harris

Really this does feel alot like the preseason of the 97 season. Stacked team with a HUGE chip on their shoulder. It's one thing to be good. It's another when you're good and you really have a bad taste in your mouth and sorta pissed.

This is the best I've ever felt about a Broncos team since the 98 season. I feel we're a deeper team then last year. We lost Doom but I think what we picked up adds to more. Plus I really liked our draft again. It's year 2 in the system for PM and his boys. We're solid on offense, defense and ST's. I honestly can't think of when we were more well rounded then we are now. This is a very special moment right now. We ARE winning the superbowl this year and I know it to be so. I just feel it. Relish in the moment people, you're about to be champions once again. It feels so good.
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